Fallout 3 Mod Tools

To alter the "Fallout 3" world to fit your mood, you need top-of-the-line "Fallout 3" mod tools. Scattered across various websites, these mod tools—free to load and tweak to your programming heart's content—let you change your character, your world, and your gameplay style. It's an excellent way to create a new adventure so you can play "Fallout 3" again and again.

  1. NifTools. Niftools, available at Niftools.SourceForge.net, is an open source download so you can mod the program as well as "Fallout 3." It includes a number of downloads for you to choose from depending on what you wish to mod in "Fallout 3." One of its most popular uses is for creating custom 3D textures so your characters' clothes look a little more interesting. If you find a bug in the program, feel free to fix it and share your triumphant fix online with your fellow programmers.
  2. Fallout Mod Manager. Also available from Source Forge, the Fallout Mod Manager is crucial for the best "Fallout 3" modding experience. It allows you to sort plug-ins and includes a package management system. Keep your files in order and apply only those "Fallout 3" mods that you intended to use. It's easy to install and manage.
  3. Garden of Eden Creation Kit. Found at Geck.Bethsoft.com, the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, or G.E.C.K. for short, is a hardcore "Fallout 3" mod tool for creating data files read directly by "Fallout 3." Your modding options are limited only by your programming skills when you install this mod tool. Create new characters, new levels, or an entire new story based in the "Fallout 3" universe. Play alone or share it with your friends.  
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