Fallout 3 Mods For Xbox 360

"Fallout 3" mods for Xbox 360 enhances the gameplay for many gamers who traverse the Wasteland looking for adventure and hidden secrets. Xbox 360's "Fallout 3" takes post-apocalyptic survival to a whole new level and the mods add more risk but plenty of reward. Mods add more replay value for "Fallout 3" for the Xbox 360 after downloading with newer locations, weapons and quests. The Xbox 360 provides these mods in their Live network for gamers to purchase and download for "Fallout 3" and unlock deeper aspects of the Wasteland. "Fallout 3" is a classic game and a definite addition for any Xbox 360 gamers library so mods are a definite must have in order to fully appreciate the harsh world of Super Mutants and secret societies.

  1. "Operation Anchorage." Download this mod and access a new location where outcasts from the Brotherhood of Steel try to enter a storage area filled with advanced weapons. Gamers have to venture into a simulation of the great battle in Anchorage, Alaska where the U.S. forces liberated the state from the Chinese. Completing this mod will grant gamers access to the secret storage unit with the advanced tech.
  2. "The Pitt." Download this mod to access a voyage to the ruins of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania where slaves work day and night for an overlord and Raiders. Gamers will infiltrate the city as a slave to try and incite a slave revolt with rebels within the slave ranks. Newer weapons and creatures await once the Pitt has been liberated from their overseers.
  3. "Broken Steel." Download this mod that unlocks new quests in the aftermath of the Purifier being active and the Wasteland flooded with clean water. The level cap is increased to 30 as well as introducing newer enemies like albino Radscorpions, Feral Ghoul Reavers, Super Mutant Overlords, and Enclave Hellfire Troopers. These newer aspects are not accessible without completing the main quest of "Fallout 3" beforehand.
  4. "Point Lookout." Download this mod to travel to a mysterious land along the coast of Maryland where a festering swamp opens up a world of possibilities and hazards. Gamers get a treat of psycho mutant hillbillies, exotic weapons and newer quests about a section of the country not touched by the nuclear strikes. The addition is readily available from the get go once loaded, even at the start of a new game.
  5. "Mothership Zeta." Download this mod and receive a strange radio transmission which ends up getting the wanderer abducted by aliens. The mothership orbits Earth as gamers try to escape their captivity and take out the hostile aliens. Advanced tech galore awaits the brave souls who break out of their prison and begin to kick some extraterrestrial butt.

Note: "Fallout 3 – Game of the Year Edition" contains all of the downloadable mods for the Xbox 360.

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