Fallout 3 Pc Cheats

Try out these "Fallout 3" PC cheats when you want to mess around or just get a giant headstart in the game. "Fallout 3," like many PC games, has a ton of console commands that modify your game. From maxing all skills instantly to god mode, "Fallout 3" for the PC is full of great cheats. All of these "Fallout 3" cheats for the PC are activated by typing the phrase into the console, which is activated by pressing the tilde (~) key in game.

  1. Insant levels. This "Fallout 3" PC cheat will automatically give you a level. You will still be able to enter all your skill points and stuff; it is  just like getting a level normally during the game. To enter this cheat, open the console and type in "advlevel."
  2. God mode. God mode in "Fallout 3" for the PC does what it does in any other games; it makes you completely invincible to all forms of damage. You can just run through the game easily with this cheat. To enable god mode, enter "tgm" in the console.
  3. Free repair. There is nothing worse than having your gun completely break during the middle of a fight. This "Fallout 3" cheat will repair your guns up to your repair level in just a few seconds. To instantly repair your currently equipped weapon, enter "player.srm" in the console.
  4. Disable all mines. Stepping on a random mine and cripple both your legs while deep in a dungeon is never good. This "Fallout 3" cheat will allow you to walk through an abandoned building without worrying about crippling your whole body. To disarm all mines, enter "disableallmines" in the console.
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