Fallout 3 PS3 Cheats

If you're looking to find some really cool "Fallout 3" PS3 cheats, then this collection should be enough to get you started. "Fallout 3" for the PS3 doesn't have too many known cheats, most of them consist of special trophies that can be unlocked and secret Easter eggs, but that doesn't mean they're not fun to achieve and discover. These "Fallout 3" PS3 cheats range from downloadable content trophies to hidden Easter eggs and special trophies that can be achieved while in-game. 

  1. DLC Trophies. This set of "Fallout 3" PS3 cheats is that of a collection of Downloadable Content Trophies (also known as "DLC Trophies"). These can be unlocked by simply completing the specific tasks that are required for each trophy. Here are some of them: Complete the "A Meeting of Minds" task to unlock the "A Meeting of Minds" Gold Trophy; collect all of the Captive Alien Recordings in order to unlock the "Alien Archivist" Silver Trophy; find all of the locations in Point Lookout to unlock the "Bog Walker" Silver Trophy; and to unlock the "Messiah" Bronze Trophy, you must reach level 30 with good karma intact.
  2. Alien plus Alien Blaster Easter Egg. This "Fallout 3" PS3 cheat is a special Easter egg that can be unlocked by heading to the minefield. Once there, go north until you lock onto a radio signal from the alien spaceship. Inside the ship is an alien blaster with a limited supply of ammunition.
  3. In-Game Trophies. These "Fallout 3 "PS3 Cheats are trophies that can be acquired in-game as opposed to downloading them as in #1 (DLC Trophies). Some of these trophies include: "Ambassador of Peace" Bronze Trophy, which can be unlocked by reaching level 14 with good karma intact; "Data Miner" Silver Trophy, which can be unlocked by hacking a total of 50 terminals; and "Doesn't Play Well with Others" Bronze Trophy can be unlocked by killing a total of 300 people.
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