Fallout 3 Secrets

Fallout 3 secrets add up to an extensive library of information and helpful tips simply because the game itself is so huge. It's set in this detailed, post apocalyptic, dystopian type world. It's an open ended, action RPG made by good old Bethesda Softworks. It contains combat that's real time, and a nice addition of first, or third, person perspective. While battling your way through this immersive world, it can be too easy to overlook some of the Fallout 3 secrets. Sometimes you're just fighting for life, and don't think to look over there under some unassuming ledge for a great weapon. Maybe these can help. Game on.

  1. Get infinite experience in Big Town. This Fallout 3 secret is a nice little glitch that can net you as much experience as you can tolerate doing. It depends on you having really high Speech skills. Do you have skills? Of course you do. So, go into Big Town and find "Pappy". You'll initiate some dialogue choices. Pick the one about coming here with "Bittercup". Your Speech skill should be at 100%. This will net you 6 experience points. Rinse and repeat. You may have to find "Bittercup" and sling through all of the dialogue options, then get back to Pappy with the Bittercup question. Make sure your speech is at 100% when pursuing this, or you'll screw it up-forever.
  2. Acquire The Vengeance. You're going to work for this Fallout 3 secret. Go up to Deathclaw Sanctuary caves. Following those, you should come to a corner with a pool of blood under the column of stone. Look for the pile of gore in the pool. There you'll find a tasty bit of laser powered Gatlin Gun. Yes, Gatlin. You want to do this despite, or because of, the Deathclaw battles you will endure.
  3. A3-21 Plasma Rifle. This Fallout 3 secret takes place in a sidequest called "Replicated Man". The switch up here is to not turn Harkness over to Dr. Zimmer. Talk to him so you can unlock his memories. Talk to him once more and be sure to tell him to run off instead of knocking off the doctor. He'll repay you by giving you his Plasma Rifle.
  4. Get the Blackhawk. The Blackhawk is a delicious scoped .44 Magnum. This Fallout 3 secret is accomplished after you've finished the sidequest with Agatha's song and the Sheet Music fetch. The thing with this is that you must make sure to ask for the reward in the dialogue options. Get what's yours. You've earned it.
  5. The Alien Blaster. This is another choice bit of weaponry you'll want to grab. It's especially useful against Behemoth's. Those guys are insane. This Fallout 3 secret is found over the hills and far away, no doubt. Go north of the MDPL 13 power station to a small mountain. You're looking for a radio signal coming from the east side of the mountain. There will be a destroyed house when you explore the slope. Just beyond that you'll find a crashed flying saucer. Find the pilot inside, and you'll find the Alien Blaster. It comes with some ammo, but use it wisely because you don't want to run out just when you need it most.
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