Fallout 3 Xbox 360 Mods

Looking for “Fallout 3” Xbox 360 mods is not easy because of the power of the corporation. Unlike the PC version of “Fallout 3,” the Xbox 360 one is locked up pretty tight. The only feasible way to mod “Fallout 3” for the Xbox is to have an offline Xbox 360. If you go online with these mods there is a chance you will be detected and banned which makes things pretty lame after dropping all that cash on the Xbox. This is why there is really not a whole lot of Xbox 360 mods out there.

  1. “Fallout 3” save editor. “Fallout 3” Xbox 360 mods never really took off due to a serious lack of participation, but naturally, a few programmers were curious enough to mess with the code. The “Fallout 3” save editor for the Xbox 360 is one of those projects. This mod allows you to mess with the stats of your save file but is not exactly user friendly if you are not into the arcane gibberish of Xbox 360 code. There is no GUI so expect to do a ton of searches. One nice thing about this “Fallout 3” mod is you can jack your experience up and start kicking ass from the get go.
  2. The Minuos save mod. Besides various reconfigurations of the save file mod, this is pretty much the only other “Fallout 3” Xbox 360 mod out there. But as far as mods go, it is a good one because you are gifted pretty much every cool item in the game. Just check out all the containers in the vault bedroom. You can also finally wear any full suit which is a nice perk. The player stats in this save file are boosted and give you an edge but not ridiculously so.   


As stated before, you probably do not want to go online with these mods. Also, read the documentation to understand the limitations of these “Fallout 3” Xbox 360 mods.


You can find these mods online easily enough but it will be much easier to mod the Windows version of "Fallout 3" where there is a robust and enthusiastic community who is not terrified of losing their precious gaming consoles.  

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