Fallout Tactics Mods

If you want to make the most of your post-apocalyptic experience, then you need to try out the following Fallout Tactics mods. Fallout Tactics is one of the most under-appreciated entrants in the series, which is why it makes for such a greatly-moddable game. The following Fallout Tactics mods add new weapons, characters, and even story lines. If you want to tack on a few more hours of gameplay to your experience, be sure to try out some of these Fallout Tactics mods.

  1. Fallout: Awaken. This Fallout Tactics mod retells the tale of a Vault Dweller meandering throughout the wasteland to epic proportions. New weapons, enemies, and items are abound in this amazing Fallout Tactics mod. If you're looking for a new experience, be sure to try this one out!
  2. Darkfall. This enticing mod is only a demo as of now, but hopefully there will be a release soon. The player controls a character in a city before the bombs go off, where internal power struggles are only overshadowed by the impending doom of human society. The rich narrative it weaves makes it one of the best Fallout Tactics mods ever!
  3. Fallout: The Wastes. This game takes many a leaf from the book of Fallout 2. Essentially, the player takes control of one of four factions to take on a variety of story-related missions with no time limit bearing down on their shoulders. Its an interesting concept that makes for one of the best fallout Tactics mods out on the Internet.
  4. Fallout Tactics: Revised. By its name, you know that it's definitely one of the most ambitious Fallout Tactics mods ever. With new weapons, more story options, and a more open-ended campaign, this mod seeks to reinvent the entire Fallout Tactics experience. If you've played through the game and need something different, be sure to check out this Fallout Tactics mod.

Fallout Tactics mods come in all shapes and sizes. Some only add a quest or two, while others seek to give you an entirely new experience. These mods will give you a little bit of everything while allowing you to enjoy the core game experience as it should be played!

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