Family Guy’ Drinking Game Rules

These "Family Guy" Drinking Game rules will teach you how to play a game based on a cartoon that appeals to a large adult audience. Those adults have changed "Family Guy" from a passive television viewing experience to an interactive game. The "Family Guy" Drinking Game can be played with any type of alcohol beverage ranging from liquor and mixed drinks to beer and wine.  A typical "drink" in the "Family Guy" Drinking Game is one shot of liquor or one large sip of beer or a mixed drink. The amount of drinks consumed at a time depends on the actions during the show.

You will need:

  • Shot glasses, beer mugs or other drinking glasses
  • Liquor, wine, beer or mixed drinks
  • Live or recorded "Family Guy" episode
  1. Take one drink during for scenes that are common during the show. Whenever Quagmire says, "Giggity giggity," "Ooh" or "Alright," take a drink. If Peter drinks a beer, laughs or says something stupid, take a drink. If Stewie has a weapon and says, "Victory is mine" or is chatting with an adult during the show, consume one drink. Whenever Lois is preparing a meal, take a drink. Scenes with the entire family in the car or the news on television require players to drink as well.
  2. Take two drinks during for scenes that happen a little less frequently. This includes when Peter is talking on the phone. When Chris says something stupid, as he frequently does, or makes a one-liner, take two drinks. If Brian and Stewie argue, that's another reason to consume two drinks. Sometimes scenes will get drawn out in "Family Guy"–to make them bearable, you must take two drinks.
  3. Consume three drinks for items that might only occur a couple times during each show. When a major or minor characters falls down, take three drinks. If a scene that seems completely out of place is in the show, that's another requirement to take three drinks.
  4. Finish your drink if something rare happens in the show. Any time singing happens during "Family Guy," finish your drink. When certain characters appear, such as the child with an upside-down head, the evil monkey or, yes, William Shatner, it's time to finish your drink. The final reason to finish your drink is when the show does a parody of another show.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Prepare plenty of mixed drinks or have plenty of cold beer and/or liquor on hand before the show begins.
  • Play the "Family Guy" Drinking Game at home and do not drink and drive.
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