‘Family Guy’ Voices Actors

  1. The "Family Guy" voice actors are a highly talented, hilarious group who has steadily become household names. Several cast members were well-known prior to lending their voices to "Family Guy" characters. Seth Green, Adam West and a vast array of cameo appearances from other A-list celebrities continues to add depth and spark to the cartoon characters.
  2. Peter Griffin: Seth McFarlane, the series creator, is the voice actor for several of the primary "Family Guy" roles. Peter’s dim-witted antics are the core catalyst for the show, making him the main character.
  3. Lois Griffin: Peter’s feisty and competent wife, Lois, has Alex Borstein of "MadTV" fame as her voice actor. Often the realistic, grounding influence to Peter’s crazy schemes, Lois is often the driving force behind the resolution to every crisis on the show.
  4. Stewie Griffin: The matricidal, evil genius infant son of Lois and Peter, Stewie is arguably the most recognizable character from the "Family Guy" cast. Yet another job for the incredible voice actor skills of Seth McFarlane, Stewie is comic genius especially when paired with Brain.
  5. Chris Griffin: Seth Green joined the cast as Chris Griffin, the equally dim-witted son of Peter. The comic relief behind many series, Seth Green lends his familiar, hilarious voice actor talents as Chris in almost every episode.
  6. Meg Griffin: Mila Kunis, best known for her role on "That 70s Show", joined the cast of "Family Guy" in season two as Meg Griffin’s voice actor. Often the collective punching bag for the rest of the Griffin family, Meg is the target for many quips and gags during the series.
  7. Brian the Dog: The only reoccurring non-human member of the cast, Brain the Dog seems to be vaguely inspired by "Snoopy", which several episodes have referenced. He is yet another character with Seth McFarlane as his voice actor.
  8. Glenn Quagmire: The smooth-talking, promiscuous horndog Quagmire was instantly popular with fans thanks to the talent of epic voice actor, Seth McFarlane. His antics are a weekly lesson in how to be a successful womanizer, often in taboo ways.
  9. Cleveland Brown: Further proof that voices can be deceiving; “Cleveland” is played by white voice actor Mike Henry. He is first "Family Guy" character to receive a spin-off TV show, dubbed “The Clevelands” and featuring the members of the only African American family on "Family Guy."
  10. Death: With Adam Carolla as the voice actor since 2000, “Death” is a fan favorite full of witty retorts and biting sarcasm. His frequent conflicts with Peter have resulted in several episodes revolving around the life and times of Death.
  11. Mayor Adam West: Voiced by Adam West of "Batman" fame thanks to the TV show from the 60s of the same name. A soft-spoken lunatic with strange quirks, Mayor West has been a regular cameo appearance since season 1.
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