Famous 80’s Child Actors: Where Are They Now?

Ever wondered about where famous '80s child actors are now? Child stars of the '80s have a habit of dropping out of the press. They don't cross your mind for years until you watch an old movie and think to yourself, "Huh. I wonder whatever happened to that actor?" Wonder no more.

Molly Ringwald is perhaps one of the most recognizable young actors from the '80s. She's best known for her parts in the Brat Pack movies, such as "The Breakfast Club" and "Sixteen Candles." While she may have dropped out of the headlines for a while, she's back. Molly Ringwald now plays the part of the mom in the TV show "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." On a more personal note, Ringwald is married to a Greek writer and she has three children.

Corey Haim This young actor from the 80's is probably most remembered for his co-starring role in "The Lost Boys" with Corey Feldman. Sadly, he became addicted to cocaine and Valium. After entering rehab a reported 15 times, Haim died of a drug overdose in March 2010.

Corey Feldman is known for  acting in movies such as "The Lost Boys," "Stand By Me" and "The Goonies." Feldman had his share of drug problems, evident in his arrests for heroin. His latest project was the A&E reality series "The Two Coreys" with the late Corey Haim.

Tracey Gold is mostly known for her role in the popular '80s TV series "Growing Pains." While the show was still on air, the young actor battled anorexia, weighing only 90 pounds at one point. After "Growing Pains," Gold appeared in several TV movies. In 2004, she was arrested on a DUI charge after she rolled her SUV with her husband and three young sons in the vehicle. The accident was not fatal—Gold plead guilty to felony DUI and was sentenced with work release, community service and three years of probation.

Gary Coleman Famous for his role on "Diff'rent Strokes," Gary Coleman had a slew of problems until his death in May 2010. The child actor sued his parents for control of his trust fund and was awarded over $1 million. However, he filed for bankruptcy several years later. In 1998, Coleman was charged with assault after punching a bus driver in the face. Months before his death, he was arrested in Utah on a domestic violence warrant. Gary Coleman died after a fall in his home. His death was ruled "accidental."

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