Famous Australian Boxers From The ’60s

The best famous Australian boxers from the '60s are a bunch of old-timers and legends that many people may not even remember. Only the hardest of hardcore boxing fans will probably have a shot at remembering some of these old-time greats' names. Boxing was a lot different some 50 or so years ago, but even in the 60s, these famous Australian boxers commanded the same kind of mystique that fighters today do.

  1. Lionel Rose. Lionel Rose convincingly takes the number one spot as the most famous Australian boxer from the '60s because of the fact that he is the first ever Aboriginal Australian to actually win a world title. Currently still alive and in his '60s today, Lionel Rose came out of a quite hard childhood that saw him raised near the Australian town of Warragul. His most famous boxing fight occurred in February of 1968, when he defeated the Japanese Bantamweight legend, Fighting Harada, to become the world's first Aboriginal champion in history.
  2. Johnny Famechon. Number two on this list of the best famous Australian boxers from the '60s, Famechon is unorthodox in that he was actually born in Paris, France, but moved to Australia at the tender age of five years old. Renowned as a tough-as-nails boxer of his twenty-year career, Famechon only stood five feet, five inches tall, but he made up for that in toughness. Still living but retired, he had memorable matches in the 1960s against Japan's legendary Fighting Harada, whom he defeated twice, once in a victory that was tainted by controversy, but later in a decisive knockout.
  3. Jimmy Carruthers. Rounding out this countdown of the best famous Australian boxers from the '60s is Jimmy Carruthers, a world champion in the Bantamweight division. Now dead, Carruthers was active and successful from the '50s onwards; he was recognized far and wide as Australia's first boxing world champion. He did make a comeback in a fight not for any title in the '60s, but from then on, he started a number of semi-successful businesses, primarily revolving around juice bars and vegetarian food restaurants.
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