Famous Gay People

Famous gay people are out and proud and people should get used to it. In fact, some of the greatest actors and actresses of our generation have preferred some same sex loving over the other option. Nothing wrong with that at all. Because even though Americans are obsessed about the sex lives of our favorite celebrities, what we care about more is that they entertain us. Here are some of the best.

  1. Neil Patrick Harris. Fans still remember him from his days as medical child prodigy Doogie Howser, so it was a bit of surprise for some when he came out of the closet and became one of Hollywood’s famous gay people. However, instead of focusing on his sex life, many have chosen to enjoy his work on Broadway as well as both TV and movies. 
  2. Portia de Rossi. Known originally as the beautiful blond lawyer from “Ally McBeal” and then the critically acclaimed dark comedy “Arrested Development,” Rossi (born Amanda Leigh Rogers) has gone onto be known as one of the hottest, and famous gay people in Hollywood, thanks to her marriage to fellow comedienne Ellen DeGeneres.
  3. Ian McKellen. McKellen is not only one of the most well-known and loved famous gay people in the entertainment business, but one of the most respected by both theater aficionados and fantasy geeks alike. Those in theater recognize him as a kind of heir to the great Lawrence Oliver in such roles as Antonio Salieri in the original stage production of “Amadeus” and geeks love him for his role of Gandalf in “The Lord of the Rings” series as well as the “X-Men” trilogy where he played the arch-nemesis Magneto.
  4. Kristanna Loken. Most remember her from “T3: Rise of the Machines” where she took over from Ah-nold, but this famous gay woman took it step further in her next movie, “Bloodrayne” where not only did she show some skin for the movie, but she began a real-life affair with her co-star, Michelle Rodriguez.
  5. David Hyde Pierce. Known for 11 years to television audiences as Miles Crane, the younger, more neurotic brother of Frasier Crane on the television series, “Frasier”, Pierce quickly became one of the most popular and famous gay people on television.
  6. Rock Hudson. Rock Hudson’s story stands as one of the more tragic ones of famous gay people in Hollywood. At the height of his career, he was considered the standard for manly stature. However, he was desperate to hide the fact that he was gay for fear that it would destroy his career. It wasn’t until 1985 that the world discovered the truth as entered the final stages of the AIDS virus.
  7. Samantha Fox. Apparently naughty girls do need love too, but not from guys. 80’s pop icon and perpetually topless British model Samantha Fox stunned fans when she revealed she was indeed a famous gay woman in a 2003 interview in “The Mail On Sunday.” She’s currently living with her manager and girlfriend, Myra Stratton.
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