Famous Hispanic People

For young and ambitious Spanish-speakers that are looking for some life inspiration, it can be a good idea to look at a list of some famous Hispanic people that have made a name for themselves. From sports and comedy to music and movies, Hispanic people have in past years become more and more of a strong presence in the public eye. More and more, the amount of famous Hispanic people is increasing.

  1. Eva Mendes is a stunning Miami-born starlet who is the daughter of two Cuban immigrants. Eva Mendes is a fluent Spanish speaker and has been a formidable screen presence since her breakout role in the wacky 2003 comedy "Stuck On You." The famous Hispanic actress, who also frequently models for fashion designer Calvin Klein, is most notable for movies including "The Other Guys," "2 Fast 2 Furious," "The Spirit,"  "We Own the Night" and "Hitch."
  2. Alex Rodriguez is one of the most well-known baseball players in history, and is a third basement for the New York Yankees. The famous Hispanic New York City native is known affectionately by the public as "A-Rod." Both of Alex Rodriguez' parents are natives of the Dominican Republic, and the baseball player grew up in the predominantly Dominican Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights.
  3. George Lopez is a Mission Hills, California-born comedian, actor and talk show host. The Hispanic entertainer, who is of Mexican heritage, has been a fixture on the Hollywood scene since the early 2000s. George Lopez is most well-known for his hit "Lopez Tonight," which is a talk show that has a late-night slot. As an actor, he has starred in movies such as "Henry Poole Is Here," "Balls of Fury" and "The Spy Next Door."
  4. Gloria Estefan is a legendary Havana, Cuban born songstress and Miami resident. Gloria Estefan has been enchanting music lovers since the late 1970s with the "Miami Sound Machine." Some of the Hispanic vocalist's numerous noteworthy albums include "Eyes of Innocence," "Primitive Love," "Cuts Both Ways," "Mi Tierra," "Destiny" and "Unwrapped."
  5. Salma Hayek is a sultry Mexican actress who is of mixed Mexican and Lebanese descent, and is one of the most famous Hispanic people around. The raven-haired thespian's career first began on the wildly popular Mexican telenovela (soap opera) called "Teresa." Salma Hayek's Hollywood breakthrough came in the middle of the 1990s with "From Dusk 'Till Dawn." Other standout roles for the actress include "Desperado," "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" and "Frida."

-Isabel Prontes

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