Famous Models You Love To Hate And Hate To Love


Love to hate them or hate to love them, these famous models have redefined the fashion world. There were primarily nameless faces making up the modeling world, but they managed to gain an A-list celebrity status titles. All of these famous catwalkers are still known around the world and have maintained careers well beyond the ordinary expectations of the ever-changing profession.


Kate Moss


Born in 1974, Moss is a famous England born model who is known around the world for her dramatic face, rail thin figure, and troublesome relationships. In the mid-1990s she rose to fame for her involvement in a Calvin Klein campaign that popularized the 'heroin chic' look. That haunting look gained her top fashion campaigns for Chanel, Christian Dior, and more. Despite moving on from the drug-riddled campaigns of the '90s, pictures surfaced of the famous model allegedly snorting cocaine which led to major fashion labels dropping her from campaigns. She cleaned up her act, and in 2007 earned $9 million, making her one of the highest paid models. In 2011 her streak of bad relationships ended, and she married rocker Jamie Hince of The Kills.


Heidi Klum


Klum is probably one of the most likable supermodels due to her carefree and fun public persona. Born in 1973, Klum's modeling career took off when she graced catalogs and runway shows for the lingeraie company, Victoria's Secret. In 2004 she parlayed her famous model status into reality television host with the show "Project Runway." She and Harvey Weinstein developed the reality series to find the next great fashion designer, and it became a huge hit. The Emmy nominated show is still currently airing new seasons, and Klum still acts as host, and judge. Despite having a child out of wedlock, Klum has always kept her wholesome image with the help of her now husband, musician Seal.


Gisele Bundchen


Born in 1980, this famous model was the envy of a lot of girls when she became engaged to Leonardo di Caprio in 2001. Unlike her modeling career, the engagement was short lived. Bundchen is a Brazilian supermodel who has piercing blue eyes, brown hair, a fierce runway walk, and legs for days. She is one of the highest grossing supermodels, and in 2007 earned £17 million. She only gets paid in Euros, and top fashion lines shell out the big Euros for her to represent them. In 2009 her personal life became news when she married hunky New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Later that year she gave birth to their son Benjamin, but don't worry, her body is still in tip top shape.


Naomi Campbell


If a famous model was to lead a diva behavior class, Campbell would be perfect for the job. She has a temper, and in 2007 threw her cell phone at her maid causing legal troubles. Despite her quick temper, Campbell is one of the most sought after and respected models. She was born in 1970, and signed a modeling contract at the age of 15. She broke barriers by being the first black model to grace to cover of Time magazine. She is coveted by high fashion designers, and high profiled men. This vixen has been linked to Robert De Niro, Usher and Flavio Briatore. She shows her sweet side by using her status to help raise awareness for underprivileged children in Africa.


Cindy Crawford


Crawford proved models are not just brainless walking hangers by being class valedictorian at her high school, and attending Northwestern University. She started modeling in the 1980s and it didn't take long before she took the fashion world by storm. Thanks to her healthy, athletic build and signature facial mole, Crawford is physically appealing to both men and women. She took her famous model status and turned it into a famous celebrity status by starring in workout videos, hosting MTV shows, and gaining non-fashion product endorsements. By leading the way for models to have mainstream popularity she became an iconic fixture in the fashion world.



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