Famous Sex Tapes

There are a slew of famous sex video tapes floating around. Some were releases by staff members, other by disgruntle ex-lovers, and some were even released by the stars themselves. Why would a star release their own famous sex video tape? For the media attention or to just get them celebrity status is they were nothing but a socialite wannabe.

  1. The Paris Hilton famous sex tape brought her into the spotlight when she was nothing more than an heiress to the hotel fortune. Her sex tape took her famous brat to an infamous brat that will now always be remembered for her famous sex tape.

  2. The Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee famous sex tape was on of the first that ever hit the media and internet. Men and women alike searched the internet for a glimpse to see what all the fuss was about.

  3. Kim Kardashian was a nobody who rode the fame from her sex tape to the top of the socialite status. Before her sex tape was made public she may have been a tiny bleep on the radar, now she is much more than that.

  4. Tonya Harding will never forget her wedding night with her famous sex tape, well almost. The Wedding dress was a Halloween Costume. Harding decided to cash in on the leaking of her sex tape by selling it under the title “Wedding Night”.

  5. The famous sex tape of Dustin Diamond has to be the saddest. He made the video and released it himself purely to try to improve his celebrity status. Apparently it didn't work very well.

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