Famous Wrestling Moves

Here is a list of 10 very famous moves used by superstars from all over wrestling. Wrestling moves have helped to make many big names famous. Everyone had their own style,using variations of different moves in order to rise to fame.

  1. The Ankle Lock has most recently been used by Kurt Angle, in a form where he keeps the victim from getting to the ropes. 
  2. The Elbow Strike is not a finishing move, but is still easily recognizable. Used by a variety of wrestlers, it has become part of most wrestlers' repertoire.
  3. The Backdrop Driver combines a backbend with a piledriver, allowing for a very dangerous looking move that keeps spectators on their seats.
  4. Figure Four Leg Lock has been used by one of wrestling's greats, Ric Flair. He made the move famous, and somehow made it look painful.
  5. The Chokeslam, used extensively by Kane, looks especially brutal when used by big men. It may be the height.  It may be the hands. It definitely looks bad.
  6. The Boston Crab has been used most recently by Jericho, and he looks mad when he uses it.  It is also one of the moves that has been used for years, making it a long term move for professional wrestling.
  7. The Moonsault  does not just look dangerous, it is. Many wrestlers use this move because of the high approval from fans, but it has shortened many careers. Easily the most recognizable move, it is also one of the most exhilarating.
  8. The Tombstone is made famous by the Undertaker. A glorified piledriver, the tombstone has helped to make the Undertaker a great force to be reckoned with in the ring.
  9. The Ace Crusher was used by many wrestlers. DDP used it as the diamond cutter.  The amount of other wrestlers that have used the move with modifications has continued to make the move a staying power in wrestling.
  10. The Powerbomb has made its rounds in professional wrestling.  Used today by many different wrestlers in many different forms, it creates quite an impact in the ring.
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