Fancy Hairstyles

Men sometimes have the occasion to wear fancy hairstyles, but it isn't an everyday look. Instead, these hairstyles are best for formal events and occasions. The hairstyle you can choose from depends on your hair length and type. Your hairstyle is just as important as your outfit at a formal event. Fancy hairstyles do not have to be elaborate. Consider what makes you look dapper and handsome. 

  1. Deep Side Part For men with short to medium-length hair, a deep side part is a return to retro glamor. This fancy hairstyle is reminiscent of the male hairstyles in the 1950s. To create this look, comb pomade through your hair. Use a comb to create a deep side part. Slick your hair over and back, leaving a bit of volume in the front. Slick the other side back as well.
  2. Short and Slick If you have short hair, try a fancy hairstyle such as one that is short and slick. When you get your haircut, have the stylist razor jagged layers into the top of your head. The sides and back should be quite short. Use some gel to smooth the top back just a tad. Comb the sides back as well. For this fancy hairstyle, it's important that it looks styled but not stiff.
  3. Classic and Formal For medium-length hair, try a classic, formal hairstyle. The back and sides can be short but the top should be left fairly long. This style is one that was worn by retro Hollywood stars. Use gel or pomade to slick the hair completely back. It's also fine to sweep it just slightly to the side. The hair should have a wet look. 
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