Far Cry 2 Cheats For PS3

The "Far Cry 2" cheats for the PS3 will help gamers get an edge to survive the African jungle, desert and savannah against the mercenaries who are highly trained to take you out. PS3's "Far Cry 2" puts your expertise of each weapon to the test, across the sprawling African landscape, which is crawling with hazards, so cheats may help even the odds. Battling against the elements and the hours of day and night provide as tough a challenge in "Far Cry 2" for the PS3 as any gun totting lunatic does, but the cheats can give gamers a break and uncover secrets hiding in the bushes. Health and bullets are too precious to lose in PS3's "Far Cry 2" so it is critical to use cheats sometimes to continue on the path to glory. Cheats for the PS3's "Far Cry 2"  are little boosts to make the journey through the depths of the African country go as smooth as possible.

  1. Golden AK-47. Travel around the missions in African with a sweet looking piece in "Far Cry 2." Go north in the first region of the southwestern area to locate the safe house island where there will be a ledge. Maneuver around that place to the ledge to see a plane wreck that has a Jackal Tape. Look south of the plane wreck to locate a sealed off mine entrance. Break through the boards to find the golden AK-47.  
  2. Unlock Missions. Unlock every mission in "Far Cry 2" including the ones not available during the regular gameplay. Input the following codes in the cheats menu: "2Eprunef,"  "6aPHuswe," "Cr34ufrE," "JeM8SpaW," "tr99pUkA," "zUmU6Rup," "sa7eSUPR," "SpujeN7x, "THaCupR4," "tar3QuzU," "96CesuHu."
  3. Unlock All Weapons. Waste no time searching the game for all the weapons for the player's toolbox in "Far Cry 2." At the main screen and when "press start" appears, input the cheat: "L2", "R2", "Triangle", "Triangle", "Square" to have an arsenal to rival a small army.
  4. Find Those Diamonds. "Far Cry 2" contains an assortment of diamond caches for the player to hunt down in each mission. Magnify the map to its highest limit in the region and a green or blue number will show how many diamond caches there are, which coupled with the lit points in the map will help gamers know how much of those diamonds are left to discover.
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