Far Cry 2 Coop Mod

If you are an avid fan of Ubisoft's open-ended first person shooter "Far Cry 2" and wish to enjoy the experience with a friend, then you should know how to download and install the "Far Cry 2" Coop Mod. Many "Far Cry 2" Coop Mods exist, each with varying characteristics. In general, these allow you to have a multi-player experience with other people online – making it more of a massively multiplayer online role playing game than a single-player game.

  1. To start, find "Far Cry 2" Coop Mods online. A simple Google search should yield many results. When downloading a "Far Cry 2" Coop Mod, try to read any user reviews (if they exist) and avoid downloading from sleazy-websites, as these will generally give your computer crippling viruses rather than the mod you want to search for. Your best bet is to look for "Far Cry 2" Coop Maps on official forums.
  2. Once you find the "Far Cry 2" Coop Mod you want, download it. Generally, all game mods are in a compressed format – which is why you will need to extract them using winRAR, which can be downloaded for free on the internet.
  3. Once the  "Far Cry 2" Coop Mod downloads, use winRAR to extract it to any location on your computer. Now, read the 'Read Me' file, which is always given with any mod you download. Not only will this show you how to download the mod, but will also tell you anything else you need to know – such as if the mod you downloaded is incompatible with any previously installed "Far Cry 2" mod. 
  4. Now follow the instructions in the 'Read Me' file, and install the mod. In most cases, this simply involves copy/pasting the Mod file into your "Far Cry 2" directory – but instructions may vary.
  5. Re-boot your computer. The next time you run  "Far Cry 2", the mod should be installed and ready to use.
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