Far Cry 2 Gun Mods

These “Far Cry 2” gun mods offers upgraded capability with an awesome weapon that is sure to dominate the game. “Far Cry 2” has evolved into a online gaming empire that has literally hundreds of mod developers (gamers) adding content to the game.

  1. Mods or modification  (also referred to as an ‘add on’ ) can easily be located on the internet via various modification sites. Some popular and trusted sites include: ‘fileplanet,’ moddb’ and ‘filefront.’ Checking out these sites will get you the latest and easiest downloads for mods in the game.
  2. “Far Cry 2” offers a weapons mod that brings the ‘rail gun’ to the “Far Cry 2” universe. The rail gun is a massive single shooter that is armor piercing and simple devastating. The gun was released in beta but has been formally released in version 1.1 and is ready for prime time.
  3. “Far Cry 2” modifications can be easily downloaded from any of the aforementioned sites. To download your own copy of the rail gun, search for the “Far Cry 2” weapon mod and several options will surface for the rail gun. For example, filefront requires you only click the download button. This will take you to a new page where the download will begin or you will need to select a mirror site.  
  4. The mirror site will prompt you to run, open or save the file. Save this file to your desktop. Once complete, the download window will close and you can now ho to your desktop. On the desktop, find the file v1.1 file and double-click on it. Follow the simple instructions and once complete the rail gin will be in game and ready for use.
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