Far Cry 2: How To Beat Your Buddies

If you feel like you don't have the competitive edge, you really need to master "Far Cry 2" and know how to beat your buddies. While "Far Cry 2" is an amazing game, it's only made better by it's expansive multiplayer suite and giving you the ability to beat your buddies. The following tips will definitely help you beat your buddies in "Far Cry 2" and become the king of the server.

  1. Find a weapon load-out that works for you. While it's great to experiment, if you want to beat your buddies in "Far Cry 2," you're going to need to learn how to use a few weapons really well. Basically, if you like to get up close and personal, a shotgun will do wonders, while an automatic weapon is good for long-range shoot-outs. Meanwhile, the special weapons like the flamethrower or rocket launcher should be chosen according to what play-style fits you. Once you get a load-out that suits your tactics, you'll be more than ready to beat your buddies in "Far Cry 2."
  2. Memorize the maps. After you've got your weapon situation worked out, it's time to learn about the maps at your disposal. Since there are a limited number of maps for you to play on, it's much easier to find exact points where you can best beat your buddies. Learn the places for great sniper encampments, and definitely look for choke-points so as to not get caught in them yourself!
  3. Move often! This is the one step that cannot be stated enough! If you stay in one place, time is really the only thing between you and a bullet in your head. Instead, be sure to keep on the move as much as possible, and if you can, don't just run in a straight line. You'll never guess the wonders of how moving in a serpentine manner can really effect the game!

These tips on "Far Cry 2" and how to beat your buddies should definitely give you that edge in your next online match. Moreover, just remember to have fun and keep in mind that you're playing a game. The less stress you put on being able to beat your buddies, the easier it becomes.



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