Far Cry 2 Lions Mod

If you want the full experience of Africa, you need to have the "Far Cry 2" lions mod. After all, Africa is nothing without the large furry beasts generally considered to be the uncontested King of the Jungle. Using the mod does not take much technical skill. In fact, the installation process is similar to almost every other mod for the game.

  1. Find the "Far Cry" 2 lions mod. A number of websites exist to make the mods readily available. A few require registration, but most do not. The installation process for this particular mod requires replacing a few game files with files in the mod. There are several wildlife mods that add lions and other creatures to the game.
  2. Start the game. If you load your current saved game, the lions will appear exactly in the areas you expect them to. If you want to go hunting for the big game, you need to go out into the areas where they appear. If you loaded the "Far Cry 2" All Weapons Mod or used the cheat, you can save time.
  3. Stalk your pray carefully. The "Far Cry" makers prided themselves on the realism of the game. The makers of this mod tried to do the same, although there is only so much a person can do. Lions are known to hunt humans singly, and this mod takes that into account.
  4. Return to your normal "Far Cary 2" missions. If you would rather go back to killing people in Africa and making the moral decisions which are central to the game, feel free to do so. You can always go back and hunt the lions later. The Lions mod still allows a player to make all the open ended choices the game is noted for.
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