Far Cry 2 Mods

"Far Cry 2" mods take the pulse-pounding action through the African landscape to a whole new level as PC gamers download these enhancements. PC gamers can activate these mods for "Far Cry 2" in order to add more to the normal sandbox gameplay. The mods take the already awesome intensity of surviving the harsh environments in "Far Cry 2" to the next level, whether it be with weapons or maps. These mods for "Far Cry 2" offer the latest excitement for PC gamers who are looking for a bigger challenge after beating the original game. 

  1. Veltron's FC2 editor mod. Download this new application for "Far Cry 2" and be granted access to more "assets" to create your ideal battle scenarios. More vehicles and buildings are available so long as gamers also have "Fortune's Pack" DLC to work alongside this mod.
  2. Angus weapon mod. Download an upgrade to the tools of destruction and go at it with more firepower for many rounds in "Far Cry 2." This mod lets you add the AK-47, Dual MP7s, M4, P99 .40SW, P99 Scope with Silencer, Steyr AUG, Glock 17, and M3 shotgun to add to the arsenal.
  3. Fortune's pack. The DLC released by Ubisoft can be downloaded and adds more weapons and vehicles to cause more mayhem. Gamers can use this mod to open up more content to load into the main game.
  4. Finos Editor Mod.  Download this editor mod to unlock some new and exciting objects for "Far Cry 2." Gamers can now edit their new sandbox with nice vehicles and buildings for more mayhem-inducing fun.

Install the "Far Cry 2" game first to your PC before downloading any of these mods as these do not work without the full version of the actual game. Be careful as some mods may damage the game so make sure the mods is safe to use.

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