Far Cry 2 Realism Mod

There are more than a few versions of the Far Cry 2 Realism mod. It comes under a slew of titles such as "Super Realism," "Ultimate Realism," "Assault Realism," etc. The general idea of these Far Cry 2 mods is to enhance the gaming experience by tidying up the usual things video game players take for granted like walking around with a 400 pounds of gear in your pockets. The problem most players find with any Far Cry 2 Realism mod that they tend to disagree with version of reality being presented to them.

  1. What it does. Most of the versions of the Far Cry 2 Realism mod tend to focus on the weapons, weight of items carried and combat actions. Some nice aspects of this mod are the more realistic firearm sounds and explosions. In the original Far Cry 2 game the enemy seemed to barely notice explosions but in the all the versions of the Realism mod this has been rectified. Weight ratios are more realistic and this unfortunately includes how many weapons you can carry. Realism mod developers also took an interest in how guns work and not all weapons are the same. Some now require you to crouch or stand still for accuracy.  
  2. Why they gripe. Not everyone likes realism. The main complaint regarding any Far Cry 2 Realism mod is that it makes the game much harder. For example the smoke trails from your fired shots are removed. These made it easier to lead in shots towards a target. Players were also used to carrying a huge arsenal but in any “Far Cry 2” Realism mod this has been removed. While this does make sense, many players miss the freedom of unleashing a rocket launcher after expending all the ammo from three or four different assault rifles.
  3. Where to get it. The many versions of the Far Cry 2 Realism mod are readily available with a quick search online. Do not agree to purchase it because someone is ripping you off. Look for sites like Gamefront to get started and try out the different mods until you find one you enjoy. There are many mods to choose from so go nuts.
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