Far Cry 2 Zombie Mod

Downloading the Far Cry 2 zombie mod lets players do something other than, as the Mod DB site put it, “fight crazy people in Africa.” Of course, fighting both sane and crazy individuals in Africa is part of the popular shooter, but it does get repetitive. To extend the opponents to the undead, a player needs to download a large modification file that includes Artificial intelligence mobs. 

  1. Install the “Far Cry 2” Zombie Mod File and Set It Up.  Users need to check back frequently for updates. The “Far Cry” 2 Zombie mod is an ongoing project rather than one that comes out with updates on an irregular basis. The designers want to integrate zombies with basic Artificial intelligence into the User interface. The Hero Turko web site is a good resource for a number of Far Cry 2 mods. The zombie mod will replace the character who make the game harder with zombies.
  2. Use the “Far Cry 2” Zombie Mod in Single Player Mode. The later versions of the add-on allow multiplayer zombies, but someone who wants to sue an annoying cliché will tell you that you have to learn to crawl before you can walk. Current versions of the mod have the single player mode more fully realized, but the add-on is not yet quite ready for prime time.
  3. Save the “Far Cry 2” Zombie Mod Games. You know to do this already because any gamer worth his salt is worried about losing anything that will make him appear like more of a geek.  No one wants to have to go through the painstaking process of going through an African village only to have to clear out a zombie infestation in “Far Cry 2” again and again.
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