Far Cry 2:How To Get More Diamonds

Many players of “Far Cry 2” wonder how to get more diamonds and with good reason. “Far Cry 2” takes place in Africa and the currency of choice is diamonds. The hunt for diamonds is a tough one though. There will be times when you make mission choices that lead you away from the precious diamonds and more often than naught, you will drive right by them. All the diamonds in “Far Cry 2” are contained in briefcases. Each briefcase contains between one and three diamonds. In all, there are 221 diamonds available for players to uncover, but finding them all is incredibly tough.  

  1. Why bother? The reason why you need to know how to get more diamonds in “Far Cry 2” is to upgrade your characte. Normal gameplay will net you enough without trying too hard for a few extra health syrettes and some weapon crates. But there is so much more out there in the vast African landscape of “Far Cry 2”. One of the more desirable items in the game is the camouflage suit and yeah, you need a bunch diamonds for that one.
  2. Sneaky spots. To get more diamonds in “Far Cry 2” you have to get used to the places they stash the briefcases. Pretty much every object in the game can be approached from all directions so some of the easier diamonds are found behind things. Big rock formations are not just to cower behind in a firefight, check the ones out you ignored while running and gunning. Ledges are also popular. Many players use them for travel and never look beneath them. Some briefcases can be found in areas where you need a vehicle to get to the top.
  3. Cheater. By far the easiest way to figure out how to get diamonds in “Far Cry 2” is to go online and get a diamond guide. But this is barely enough. To get most of the diamonds is a game within the game and it is a hard one. By cheating, you at least will know where the briefcase of diamonds resides but getting it is another matter.
  4. Carbon footprint. “Far Cry 2” is fun to drive around because the continent is ridiculously huge. This is no good for players trying to figure out how to get more diamonds. Not only will you drive right by most of the briefcases, you will alert the enemy and they will come after you and make your search about ten times more difficult. So serious diamond hunters and cheaters alike will have to learn to park and walk.  
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