Far Cry All Weapons Cheat On PS3

Far Cry All Weapons Cheat On PS3 is something of a myth as there is no actually cheat to unlock all weapons on Far Cry 2 for the PS3. With that being said there is a special weapon you have to get in order to have all of the weapons in the game and that is the Golden AK-47. Remember when you actually find this gun to put it in your primary case so that you do not lose it during the course of the game.

There is one step that you must follow to obtain all the weapons, and it is not through a cheat code. It is through being patient, and searching for the collectable golden AK-47 that is hidden all of the game of Far Cry 2.

Locations of the Golden AK-47 in Far Cry 2 for the PS3

Leboa-Sako (Northern Section explored during Act 1)

  1. Go to the northwestern bus station and then proceed to drive down between the two mountains that are northeast of the southern guard station. This is the mountains just east of Cattle Xing. Proceed to look on the southeastern side of the northern mountain and you will find a diamond briefcase, as well as a golden AK-47 by a few of the huts.
  2. On the opposite side of the mountain, this is the eastern side look on the north side of the tree. This tree is the one that appears to be coming out of the mountain. Close by the mountain there will be a rock formation that forms a cave. Proceed to break the boards blocking the entrance into the case, and you will find a golden AK-47 inside.
  3. Another location is the southeastern bus station. Go north past the guard station onto the next map. Look around for the weapon shop on the adjacent road to the east. There should be a dot on the map, once found go to this dot, and you should find an abandoned shack which has a diamond brief case as well as a golden AK-47 next to it.

While this isn’t an actually Far Cry cheat for the PS3 if you really want all of the weapons you have to make sure that you find the Golden AK-47 or you will be missing part of the collection. Hopefully this tutorial helps you find that last weapon you are looking for in Far Cry 2 for the PS3.

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