Far Cry All Weapons Mod

While mods add many tweaks and additions to the game, a Far Cry all weapons mod is unnecessary, as you can modify your own copy of the game just as easily as downloading a third-party mod. This quick tweak will give you access to all the weapons in the game using the developer console, a built-in feature of the software. The process will only work on the PC version of Far Cry.

  1. Start Far Cry and begin a single player game. Any mission and difficulty setting will work. The required console commands will not operate properly in a multiplayer match, as they could confer an unfair advantage.
  2. Press the "~" key to bring up the developer console. This window allows you to enter text commands to change how the game works, including giving the player weapons and other advantages.
  3. Type "give_all_weapons=1" and press "Enter." This adds each weapon in the game to the player's current inventory. Press "~" again to close the developer console and continue playing with the new weapons.
  4. Add more ammunition. While the previous command adds weapons, it's easy to run out of ammunition when using a gun not otherwise present in a specific mission. Open the console again and type "give_all_ammo=1" to completely refill all your guns with ammunition. Repeat this step whenever you run low.
  5. Save the game to keep the guns. You will reload with any weapons you possessed at the time of the save. Otherwise you must repeat the code to regain your guns.
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