Far Cry Cheat Codes

Do you want to learn "Far Cry" cheat codes? If you have been playing "Far Cry" for a while and want to experience the game differently, there are many cheats and codes that will enhance the game experience. Do not go out and just buy a new game. This is a solution that will allow for the "Far Cry" experience to last longer. When the game becomes different and you become invincible not only does it get a bit more fun but it also becomes a game of doing whatever you can think up for your character with in the means of the game.

While you are in game play press ~. This will bring up the console window. Type in one of the cheats below to give your player the corresponding ability.

  1. Invincibility. god_mode_count=1
  2. All Weapons. give_all_weapons=1
  3. Extra Ammunition. give_all_ammo=1
  4. Save game at this point. /save_game [file name]
  5. Load quick save. /load_game [file name]

Enter these codes as seen above and the corresponding attribute will be placed to your character. This will strengthen your "Far Cry" character so that you can achieve things that before seemed tough for you during normal gameplay. Whether you are trying to beat something that you seem unable to do or simply just to change the type of gameplay that you have been experiencing for some time now. Enjoy the different type of game that you will be experiencing after entering the "Far Cry" cheat codes in. Enjoy the new "Far Cry" experience after the codes but make sure to compare between the normal gameplay and the coded gameplay so that you can see what it does for you.  



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