Far Cry Coop Mod

The "Far Cry" coop mod offers PC gamers more maps and objectives to go around this time with a partner in tow to share in all the mayhem. "Far Cry" offers the most intense action as Jack Carver going up against mutants and blood-thirsty militants, but the coop mod changes the rules. Now, PC gamers go at each other in first person shooter frag fests or newer missions in order to see who is truly superior in "Far Cry." These coop mods are designed by fans of the franchise who take the game engine of "Far Cry" and create a new spin on the multiplayer carnage. The coop mods for "Far Cry" are ready for download at any time for PC gamers who are looking for a new reason to dive into the depths of the jungle and go at in friendly combat.

  1. Co-op Mod v8.2. This coop mod for "Far Cry" to take island sightseeing to the next level with an awesome upgrade. Download the mod to now open up the island to multiplayer shoot outs in blazing glory.
  2. Assault Coop Mod. "Far Cry" coop gets a major overhaul with this mod as the multiplayer action goes into overdrive. Download the mod to add save points, objectives, events and even a nice little storyline to put a bow in this fabulous gift.
  3. Zombie Isle. A classic take on the ole zombie apocalypse as these monsters have taken over the island and killed most of the inhabitants. Download the mod to hide out in the radio headquarters and survive the horde of zombies in this coop nightmare.
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