Far Cry PC Cheats

Jack Carver may have his boat blown up at the beginning of the game, but developer Crytek has left him and player plenty of "Far Cry" PC cheats to survive. Players will need to turn on the game's Devmode to access any of the game's cheat though. When Devmode is activate, all of the game's levels will be instantly unlocked.

Turn on Devmode

  1. Right-click on the desktop icon of "Far Cry". A list of possible choices regarding the shortcut to the .exe file will appear.
  2. Click "Properties" from the bottom of the window. A new "Properties" panel will appear.
  3. Type "-DEVMODE" at the end of text in the "Command Line:" box. This will activate Devmode, allowing you to use any cheat codes, the next time you start the game.
  4. Press "OK" to save your changes."Far Cry" can now be loaded in Devmode.

"Far Cry" PC Cheat Codes

  1. Create a spawn point. Starting back from a distant checkpoint after dying can be frustrating for even the most patient "Far Cry" players, so Crytek has included a cheat that allows players to create their own spawn point. After creating a spawn point, you would be returned to the spawn point upon your untimely death. Press "F3" to create a spawn point.
  2. Refill your ammo. Press the "O" key, that's the letter not the number, to give yourself 999 bullets for the selected weapon. This "Far Cry" cheat is useful for automatic weapons but absolutely deadly with any of "Far Cry's" explosive weapons.
  3. Refill your weapon rack. Sometimes you might see an enemy hiding behind a barrel when you just bypassed a grenade launcher or find yourself surrounded by a group of enemies with no automatic weapon to dispose them with. Press "P" to give yourself every weapon in the game, thus eliminating the problem from your "Far Cry" play-through.
  4. Move past difficult sections. "Far Cry" is known for being a very difficult game and some of the checkpoints may be too frustrating for some players. It's okay though! There's no need to your keyboard through the monitor. Press "F2" to proceed to the next designated checkpoint.
  5. Move through anything. Press "F4" to activate no clip. This cheat allows "Far Cry's" playable character, Jack Carver, to move through any walls, objects, or even enemies in the game. However, while you may feel invisible, the enemy soldiers' bullets will be quick to remind you otherwise.
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