Far Cry PC Mods

If you love first-person shooters with some variety, then you should definitely try out some of these "Far Cry" PC mods. "Far Cry" is one of the best PC games because it's so easy to mod, making it a favorite of the fan community. The following "Far Cry" PC mods add new features, update existing ones, or take the completely out of the "Far Cry" world and into a new one entirely.

  1. Far Cry 2010. This is one of the best "Far Cry" PC mods because it takes what we loved from the original and upgrades to fit modern standards. Visual upgrades include a new ocean, flora and fauna, new vistas, and a general HD upgrade to a lot of the views that made the original "Far Cry" so memorable. If you want to try out this amazing shooter but are put-off by the dated graphics, try out this awesome "Far Cry" PC mod today.
  2. The Delta Sector. This is one of the more ambitious "Far Cry" PC mods because it changes the game completely while adhering to the core gameplay philosophy. The game takes place in Eastern Europe, where a significant increase in military presence calls for some covert investigation. Imagine tense firefights, lots of awesome weapons, and one of the best atmospheres we've ever seen in a "Far Cry" PC mod.
  3. Tuesday and Ark. If you are weary about the shooter gameplay in "Far Cry," then this might be the mod for you! This takes the graphical engine that made "Far Cry" so famous and turns the game into a prototypical Japanese dating sim! You control a boy who starts to develop feelings for a girl and must interact with the environment in order to discover new ways to win her affection as well as more methods of personal growth. While very unique, this is definitely one of the more ambitious "Far Cry" PC mods.
  4. First Contact: Planetfall. For fans of the sci-fi epic "Mass Effect," this is one of the best "Far Cry" PC mods that's ever come out. You take control of a human who must explore vast alien colonies and stop a looming intergalactic threat. If you're a sucker for all things space-oriented and love the prospect of breaching galaxies far and wide, be sure to get this "Far Cry" mod now!

These "Far Cry" PC mods are some of the best on the internet for a multitude of reasons. They push the envelope within the game, either by enhancing what made the title great or by taking the title into a whole new direction. If you love "Far Cry" but feel there might be something lacking, take one of these "Far Cry" PC mods for a spin.

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