Far Cry Quicksave Mod

The “Far Cry” quick save mod is a useful tool to keep you from redoing areas before save points. “Far Cry” is one of the better PC platform games but can be very frustrating. First shooter games like “Far Cry” offer some great potential. The quick save mod is an exceptional tool especially in this "Far Cry" game.

What you will need to run this mod:

  • "Far Cry" the game
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Some computer savvy
  1. “Far Cry” offers a quick and easy download to mod the game. The quick save mod allows you to save the game quickly to keep you from losing key components. “Far Cry” quick save mod is an easy download and quick run.
  2. Game-Front.com offers perhaps the best download process for this mod. However, there are other sites such as Moddb, Filepanet and Filefront that also offer sites and mirror sites for download. The download process is straightforward and the load process basic.
  3. First, select the download button at the site for “Far Cry” quick save. The download will occur automatically; if not, press the highlighted ‘click here.’ Download to your desktop by hitting the “save” button on the pop-up.
  4. Next, follow these steps. To Install: Copy the "Quick Save beta" folder to "Far Cry"'s Mods folder. Then press F5 to save. Load the mod by pressing F9. The mod is ready for use. Please note that this is a beta for now. As the bugs get worked out of the mod a permanent mod will be available.
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