Far Cry Single Player Mod

When you finally beat the single-player mode in Far Cry, you may be wondering what kind of Far Cry single-player mods have been made to extend the life of the game. The Far Cry modding scene is quite large. The game was the best looking thing on the market when it came out, and all the modders flocked to it for a chance to create. Mods, or modifications, are user made add-ons to a game that extend the games life. Far Cry single player mods are everywhere now, although not many are being made these days. These Far Cry single-player mods are a fantastic sampling of what the Far Cry modding community has to offer, and should be played if you are interested in the scene.

  1. Pandemie. Pandemie is a bit of a total conversion mod; it heavily modifies the game, leaving very few remaining similarities. The mod follows an eco-terrorist named Luca on his way to sabotage experiments. This mod is huge. Featuring thirteen new levels, eight new characters and even additional cutscenes, it is no surprise this Far Cry single-player mod weighs in at 658 megabytes. This is definately a mod to try if you want a new story with similar Far Cry gameplay.
  2. God Mode. While Far Cry does have aa large helping of cheats, there is not one for god mode. This mod, of course, makes you invincible in the single player campaign. The game can get quite hard and annoying towards the latter half, so god mode might be just the thing you need to not want to pull your hair out when fighting big ugly monsters with rocket launchers.
  3. Matto 4. This Far Cry single-player mod attempts to continue the story of Jack carver. Featuring new weapons, such as the P99, M3 and Steyr Aug, this mod adds quite a hefty chunk to the Far Cry gameplay. Seven new maps means this mod will last you quite a long time.
  4. Installing the mods. Installing the mods is relatively simple. Generally, the file will contain folders, such as "levels" and "mods." To install a mod, go to your Far Cry directory, which is most likely defaulted to "C:\Program Files\UBISOFT\Crytek\Far Cry." In this directory, you will find folders with the same names as the ones you downloaded. To install the mods, simply place the downloaded files in the folders of the same name in the Far Cry directory. Often times you can just drag the root folder itself into the Far Cry directory and the mod will install itself easily. From here, it is just a matter of selecting the mods in the main menu of the game.
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