Farm Town Cheats

Learning Farm Town cheats is easy, but you have to be sure that you won't get caught because there are serious penalties for cheating. Farm Town is a Flash-based farm-themed game in Facebook and MySpace. It was released in 2009 and since then has grown in gamer participation because of its addictive and fun game play. A number of players, especially newbies who want to get ahead in the game, have searched for hacks and cheats. However, be forewarned that some hacks can lead into the deletion of the player’s account when found by the game administrators.

  1. The Gift Cheat allows for sending unlimited gifts to neighbors and friends in Farm Town. Players should open around ten windows and choose a special gift for each window. Once all windows have a chosen gift, the player can then send on each window at around five-second intervals to prevent errors.
  2. Plowing under every farm space is possible by turning off items such as decorations, buildings, flowers, and trees first. Plow on a single field then bulldozer it. This will allow plowing anywhere once everything is no longer hidden.
  3. Overlapping fields can be made by opening a number of internet tabs which are then placed offline. Plow fields on each tab on the same areas that you want to overlap plows but should be offset a bit from each tab. Once each tab is saved and closed, the last tab can be connected back online to see the overlapping fields.
  4. Similar to the overlapping fields is the overlapping crops. By opening a number of internet tabs set offline, players can plant different crops on each tab. The first tab should have the longest growing plants while the subsequent tabs are planted with progressively faster growing crops. When the original tab is reloaded, the last crop planted will be shown to be growing over the earlier crops planted.
  5. Multiple pine tree gifts may be collected every 24 hours of game play. Clicking on the pine tree icon will open into a new tab. This tab should be closed manually without clicking on the “Do you have more pending gifts to accept” button at the bottom of the tab. Click again on the pine tree icon and repeat the process. When the game is reloaded, the gifts will be available in the gift box.
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