Farmville Animals List

Help your virtual farm grow with our "Farmville" animals list. "Farmville" is a wildly popular community game played on Facebook and other social networking websites. The object of the game is to plant crops, and collect animals to earn the virtual cash to expand your farm. Our "Farmville" animals list can help you plan what kind of animals you need on your farm to make sure you get the max amount of cash when you’re harvesting your farm and making cash on the farm.

  1. Baby elephant- No one knows what baby elephants have to do with farming, but the baby elephant is one of the first exotic "Farmville" animals that players can unlock. Sure they look a little weird sitting next to your barn, but every four days, these babies will net you $124 in" Farmville" cash when it’s time to harvest their peanuts. And if you ever get tired of having your farm looking like a circus they have a decent resale value. Selling off a baby elephant can put $125 closer to that swanky new barn addition.
  2. Jackalope- The mythical half jack rabbit, half antelope that roams the desserts, poking other animals with their horns and nibbling on grass. It’s one of the more difficult exotic "Farmville" animals to get to but, if you can get one you’re looking to an $105 in Farmville cash when you harvest them in two days. And once they get too creepy looking  milling around your farm with their creepy little horns, you can sell that bad boy off for $350.
  3. Cats- Every farm needs a few cats to keep the mice away and "Farmville" is no exception. There are three different cats on the "Farmville" animals list; black cat, gray tabby, orange tabby, and white kitty. Each cat will give you $90 when you harvest their yard every three days. At $95 to $150 per cat they don’t have the best resale value, but they will keep the virtual mice at bay when you aren’t tending to your farm.
  4. Moose- One of many "Farmville" animals that really don’t have any place on a farm, but keeping the exotic animals is a good way to keep the game interesting. We don’t know exactly what you would harvest from a moose, but whatever it is it lands you $125 every three days. No matter how weird a moose may look next to your chicken coop, $1,167 resale makes a moose worth having.
  5. Donkey- A good farm needs a donkey around to help you carry your virtual crops around. A donkey isn’t as much fun as the exotic animals that are one the "Farmville" animals list, but you won’t be complaining when you’re collecting $100 everyday when you harvest your donkey. And the $2,500 resale value isn’t too shabby either.
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