Fashion Designer Salary

The average fashion designer salary is a lot different from what one might expect. A fashion designer is one who designs aesthetics for application on clothing; styles can range from modern and streamlined to relaxed and simplistic. Each fashion designer has/her own way of creating clothes, none of which is exactly the same as the other.

Fashion designing is one of those ambiguous fields. Designers don't graduate directly from school and apply with the credentials of a business major who just took the GMAT. The fashion industry is highly subjective to the health of the retail industry, with jobs noticeably disappearing during economic downturns. Major design companies consider candidates on a case-by-case basis, and there is no clear line on who and what they will hire.

Most professional designers go to school. Although a fashion designer is really dependent on who hires him/her, most companies nowadays require a bachelor's or master's to be seriously considered. Years of work experience in the industry is also key, as 3-5 is generally the starting point for most entry-level fashion designer jobs.

The average fashion designer salary. Most fashion designers, those which are not assistants, interns, or apprentices, make between $42,376 and $69,575 (in 2011 dollars) annually. They recieve substantial bonuses and extra pay, amounting to an average of $41,280 to $71,069 a year.

Fashion designer benefits. The most common health benefit offered by private companies is medical coverage (76%) and dental coverage (56%). Twenty-three percent of employers offer no health benefits to their employees.

Popular employers. Some of the most popular employers out there are Nike Inc., Polo Ralph Lauren Corp., and Urban Outfitters Inc. Most of these companies have substantially different hiring processes for their fashion designers.

Every fashion designer salary is unique, and changing with the dynamic intricacies of the retail industry. A fashion designer salary is not something this is achieved through pure talent, it is a skill harnessed through the powers of education and experience.

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