Fashion Trends 2010

The fashion trends of 2010 feature a variety of looks, from flashy colored pants to sleek black watches.

  1. Try new styles, new colors and new options. features twelve 2010 style resolutions, including the number one resolution to try new fashion styles, colors and options. Be brave with your wardrobe and expand your collection to include colors other than the basic khaki, black and white.
  2. If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, remember the old proverb “out with the old, and in with the new.” Promise yourself you’ll be strong and donate any articles of clothing you haven’t worn in two years. Your super baggy pants were cool back in high school, but you owe it to yourself to make room for the sleeker, skinner fashion jeans of 2010.
  3. The best investment of 2010 is Acne’s Roc Soft Raw jeans for $230. GQ, the men’s fashion experts, believes these jeans will make your butt look so good you can quit with the squat exercises.
  4. If you’re in need of a less pricey alternativeto Acne’s Roc Soft Jeans, try GAP’s 1969 skinny-fit dark star jeans for $64.50. GAP has a reputation for great jeans, and these jeans only build that reputation. If $64.50 is still too expensive, GAP has great sales both online and in-stores, and they provide discounts for GAP card-holders.
  5. Dockers also reinvented their classic cotton chino pants with a more contemporary fit and color scheme. Their website,, features pants that fit any budget, with fashion deals as good as $25 per pants plus shipping.
  6. For women, the best 2010 jeans include Rock and Republic, Seven, Citizens of Humanity, and Joe’s. They can be purchased at Nordstrom’s or Nordstrom’s Rack if you’re on a budget. GAP also features cheaper alternatives to the designer jeans, including the perfect boot jeans for $69.95.
  7. The most fashion-consciousness decision you can make for 2010 is to restock the basics. Besides buying a sleeker, skinnier pair of jeans, also try investing in new collared shirts for men. Express is the go-to store for dress shirts at a decent price.
  8. While men rock the collared shirts, the 2010 best fashion look for a woman includes the classic tank. Express also has tanks and camis for women that can be dressed up for work, or played down for fun. Check out the website for the best sales and specials.
  9. 2010 is all about the classic look. If you desire to attract the opposite sex’s eye, slap on a black or chrome wristwatch. Nothing is sexier than the image of success a watch supplies. The best part is watches are a cheap fashion investment. Department and outlet stores, like Dillard’s or Ross, have deals on brands like Kenneth Cole, Rolex, and Fossil.
  10. And of course, a watch is best partnered with a tie. Like Esquire says, try a tie in a new color or style, or partner it with a Banana Republic tweed for the sharpest look. 
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