Fastest Swimming Stroke

If you are interested in being a swimmer, then you need to know the fastest swimming stroke. Since the fastest swimming stroke can be different among different people, there are a few you need to try to see which one utilizes your strongest muscles. Keep in mind that you must practice the fastest swimming stroke because it can take some time to get it down perfect.

  1. The Crawl. Easily the fastest swimming stroke for most people, the crawl is how most people naturally swim. To do this swimming stroke, you simply put one arm in front of you as a time as you swim and push yourself forward by forcing it down in the water and and bringing it back up at your sides. Alternate arms as you are swimming and try to keep your arm parallel with your body to keep this swimming stroke as fast as possible.
  2. The Butterfly. Probably the second fastest and second most popular swimming stroke, the butterfly is pretty easy to do. To successfully accomplish this swimming stroke, you need to pull your arms out of the water until they are perpendicular to your body. Move them both forward and then when they are almost parallel with your body, lower them into the water and push your body forward. This swimming stroke is probably the fastest that you can do in a competition because the crawl isn’t always legal!
  3. The Backstroke. This is the slowest of these three swimming strokes, but it is still fast! To do it you have to lay on your back and then one arm at a time, swing your arm back into the water and push yourself forward by forcing your arm down through the water and pushing yourself through the water using this swimming stroke.
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