Fault Lines In The United States

While the one in California is the most common, there are several other fault lines in the United States. Earthquakes have proven to be the most deadly natural disasters, especially in regions that are not structually equipped to handle them. Below are some fault lines in the United States that have the potential to be very deadly. 

  1. The New Madrid Fault Line: The New Madrid Fault Line is a little known fault line in the United States that is situated in the central part of the country. The New Madrid Fault Line could effect Tennessee, Mississippi, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, and Alabama. However, it is people in the Memphis, TN area that are at the greatest risk, according to experts. Experts say that the reason an earthquake could prove especially deadly in Memphis is because of the city's aging infrastructure. 
  2. The South Carolina Fault Line: Charleston SC, which is over a major United States fault line, was home to a major eathquake in 1886. Now, Charlteston is one of the state's largest cities with over 300,00 people. An earthquake in Charleston could be very deadly. 
  3. New York City: According to the New York Consortium for Earthquake Loss Mitigation, earhquakes of a magnitude of 5.0 have occurred every 100 years. According to experts, modern New York City is not prepared for such an event. Who would have thought New York City would be near a fault line?
  4. The Ramapo Fault: Yet another fault line in the United States, the Ramapo Fault has been quiet for over 200 years. However, experts feel that it is only a matter of time before one stikes again. And if it does, it could prove to be catastraphic since the area is not prepared to handle a major earthquake. 
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