Faux Hawk Haircut

A faux hawk haircut (also known as a “fohawk”) is a particularly awesome hairstyle that many more guys are getting into these days. A faux hawk haircut is one that brings the hair on the front of the head close together (basically a lite version of the mohawk) but does not follow the same pattern in the back. The hair is not as long as the mohawk, and the hair on the back of the head is typically styled in a more traditional fashion. The faux hawk is a nice style for those guys that can’t find “their style,” or are sick of all the others.

To get a faux hawk, you will need:

  • Shampoo
  • Towel
  • Scissors
  • Rubber band
  • A couple of mirrors
  • Hair clippers
  • Hair gel
  1. Start by measuring the width of your faux hawk. This is usually done by using the center between your eyes. Be sure that you do this before washing your hair so that you get a true measurement of how wide your faux hawk haircut will be.
  2. Once you’ve got a basic idea of how wide your faux hawk haircut will be, wash and towel dry your hair. You will want your hair to be clean and easy to work with for the process of cutting your faux hawk. Once the hair has been completely towel dried, run a comb through it and make sure it’s not tangled in any spot.
  3. Tie the faux hawk by the width you chose using a rubber band. This will separate the location of the faux hawk from the rest of your head for easy working. This way, you can get easy access to trimming your sides and back.
  4. Using the hair clippers, trim the sides and back of the head. Be sure to spend a lot of time on this so that you get it just right. For the faux hawk haircut, length is not an issue. The only real stipulation is that you don’t cut your hawk too short, or else it will be hard to style.
  5. Optional: Trim your hawk. The point is to have your hawk longer than the hair at the sides and back of your head, so you really don’t have to trim the hawk if you don’t want to. You can if you’d like, though. A good tip is styling your faux hawk without trimming the hawk to get an idea of what it looks like. If you feel it should be shorter, tie it back with the rubber band and try again. Also, be sure that the faux hawk and the rest of your hair run seamlessly together by working on some minor layers around the hawk.
  6. Grab the hair gel and style! Once you’ve managed to get the faux hawk haircut, the last step is styling. Squirt a little bit of the hair gel into your hands and run it through your hair. Using your fingers and palms, style the faux hawk upwards. You can also style the sides by slicking the down or to the front. Once you’re finished, let it dry!
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