Features Of The G Shock Bathing Ape Watch

Bathing Ape and Casio have collaborated to make the G Shock Bathing Ape Watch. It has brought a lot of attention to celebrities such as Kanye West and Pharrell. Not only does the watch embody the style of the Bathing Ape clothing line, but it embodies Casio’s innovative features. There are many wonderful features to these watches.

The face displays the time in digital format. The G Shock Bathing Ape Watch gives the day, the date, and the time. There is also a functional stopwatch with multiple alarms. Use the alarms to help wake you up in the morning, and use the stop watch to time your jogs.

The G Shock Bathing Ape Watch also has a backlight so you can see your watch at night. It will glow an iridescent green. You will also see the Bathing Ape’s red logo when the watch is lit up. Your friends will truly be jealous of you.

The fun doesn’t stop there with this watch. The front face will display the G Shock name in rainbow lettering. But on the back of the face is an engraving of the three different Bathing Ape mottos such as “Time to Get Ill! Time is Money!!! Time 4 Sum Aksion!!” Imagine your friends faces when they see those mottos.

The G Shock Bathing Ape Watch is completely waterproof (up to 20 atmospheric bars), shock proof, and dust and mite resistant. It also comes with a fully adjustable wrist strap that will fit most sizes. These watches come in plenty of cool colors including white, fuchsia, red, yellow, blue, and black.

This watch will also come in a nice gift box with the Bathing Ape logo. There’s also an instruction booklet and a tag that talks more about both of the companies. Both men and women would love the G Shock Bathing Ape Watch. The watch would look good on anyone, not just men.  

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