Feel It In My Bones Lyrics

Go behind the words of the “Feel it in My Bones” Lyrics. This dance hit is full of meanings and beats. The song was recorded in 2009 by Dutch artist Tiesto. The song also features the musical twins Tegan and Sara. The music video for “Feel it in my Bones” also featured Tegan and Sara, and premiered on Tiesto’s YouTube channel on January 13, 2010. Tegan and Sara also provided live vocals for Tiesto’s remix of “Back in Your Head” during the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival on June 13, 2008.

The “Feel it in my Bones” lyrics are very much open to interpretation. Many fans feel it has something to do with love, while others see it as a metaphor for domestic violence. But what do the “Feel it in my Bones” lyrics say?

The opening clearly has the singer taken by surprise by something with the lyrics “Blow by blow, I didn't see it coming” as the start of the song. With “Feel it in my Bones” lyrics like “sucker punch” and “rushes in” the song crafts an image of shock.

The song takes a turn towards love with the lyrics "What rushes into my heart and my skull I can’t control". It can be interpreted here that the “Feel it in my Bones” lyrics are saying there is someone the singer cares for deeply and she has no power over these feelings. The repeated “Feel you in my bones” lines helps show the listener how this feeling is something the singer just knows. It’s probably not a rational thought but a gut reaction.

The “Feel it in my Bones” lyrics turn from these surprised love feelings to show how the singer fears she might be losing this person with, "You're slowly letting me go, I know this feeling oh so". These lyrics hint to the listener that the singer can feel the distance building and that they might have experienced this before. The lyrics “You’re knocking at my windows, you’re slow to letting me go” suggest that the person the singer is in love with might be conflicted about their action. These lines are repeated so it leads the listener to think that this person might be leading the singer on. The lyrics “I take a break, take a break, tell me you are here to stay” might be her requested for them to stop sending her mix signals and also her plea to not leave her.

The Feel it in my bones” lyrics are very moving. The words mixed with the dance beats of the song creates a piece that not only moves your heart but also your body.  

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