Female Athletes Nude

The best nude female athletes is a category that runs the gamut for females from all kinds of sports. As long as the female in question got nude at some point in her career and is smokin' hot, she will easily make it onto this list with gusto. These nude female athletes are not only perfect material to objectify as absolute eye candy above all else, they may also be able to kick your heinie in their sport of expertise.

  1. Amanda Beard Admit that you never heard of the athlete Amanda Beard–or knew that swimming was an actual sport–before she decided to take off all her clothes and sexily strut around and pose for "Playboy" in July 2007. After you were done with that month's issue of "Playboy," which you naturally bought and lovingly kept under your mattress for the purpose of doing nothing except reading it for all its informative articles, you probably had a newfound respect for Beard as a female athlete who had no problems with taking off her clothes and appealing to man's base desires!
  2. Katarina Witt Achtung, baby! Achtung, baby! Socialism's hottest doll face in the skating world, the female athlete Katarina Witt took up a pastime activity in late 1998 that probably made you either learn about her for the first time or look at her in an entirely new light. When this figure skating piece of tail decided to undress and desirously pose for "Playboy" in December 1998, the issue became only the second sold out issue of "Playboy" in all their history! Looks like "Playboy" readers and subscribers–who buy the magazine primarily for its analytical articles–really appreciated this female athlete in the buff.
  3. Gabrielle Reece Gabrielle Reece is one heck of a tall athlete of a woman, coming in at an enormously huge six-feet and three-inches of pure, beach bunny hotness. What all this means is simply that there is more of her to lustfully ogle at, especially if you think of this athlete's January 2001 cover pictorial in "Playboy." You may not have known that volleyball was ever a sport or that female athletes grew to be six-feet and three-inches tall, but after seeing Reece's nude pictorial in "Playboy," you probably knew a little bit more about both.
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