Female Body Massage Tips

If you get the opportunity to give a girl a sensual, erotic massage, then you need to check out these female body massage tips. A guy who can give a woman a pleasant, attentive massage that makes her feel special and pampered will always have plenty of devoted girlfriends. If you use the female body massage tips below, you'll be able to give ladies a unique and satisfying experience that will bring them back for more. 

  1. Prepare in advance. To give the best possible female body massage, you need to make some preparations before starting. Nothing ruins the mood more than having to stop in the middle of the massage because you forgot something. You need to have some massage lotion or oil ready, plenty of clean towels handy, some rolled-up towels to support her head and neck, a source of light such as candles, wet wipes, and something to drink. Giving a body massage can get messy, so you want to cover the bed with an old blanket, and you want to cover the blanket with an old, but clean, sheet.
  2. Talk before beginning. Make sure that she knows that this is going to be a sensual or erotic massage. Things will get awkward in a hurry if she is expecting you to do something more akin to therapeutic message in order to relieve pain, discomfort and tension.
  3. Play some music. Believe it or not, many people forget to do this. You want soft, slow, pleasant music, maybe even something romantic. Set up at least an hour of continuous play time.
  4. Consider warming the oil or lotion. To really enhance the female body massage experience, consider heating up the oil or lotion. You can use a butter warmer to do this. Butter warmers are inexpensive and use a candle to heat butter, chocolate, oil and other things. Other options for heating the oil include a baby bottle warmer and a hot water bath. Never pour the heated oil directly onto her body as it can get very hot very quickly. You must pour the oil or lotion into a bowl or dish to cool some before using it. Then be sure to pour it into your hands before applying it to her body. This tip involves some trouble and effort, but it's worth it as warm oil really enhances the female body massage experience.
  5. Use long, slow strokes. Many guys tend to use a lot of deep pressure when performing a female body massage. Certainly, you want to do some of that, but, remember, this is not a therapeutic massage. The purpose is to relax your partner and enhance your romantic bond. She appreciates repeated, long strokes down her back, sides and the front of her body, as well as along her arms and legs. Use some slow, circular strokes to work the oil into her body. When you do apply pressure, try to use your arms and body weight to generate the pressure, because if you apply pressure primarily with the muscles of the hand and wrist, your hands will tire quickly.
  6. Don't focus on the genitalia. Sure, you want to spend some time in those areas, but that time should be limited. One of the benefits of the female body massage for you is that it allows you to discover some of your partner's other hot spots.
  7. Prepare a bath after the massage. There's nothing like a nice, hot bubble bath after a female body massage. Have the bubble bath, towels and a shower cap ready beforehand, and draw and prepare the bath for her after the massage. Use plenty of bubbles.
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