Female Nude Photo

There are some legendary pictures that fall into the class of female nude photos. Among these are classical nude photo shots that the world simply can’t forget. Some of these spreads have actually had an effect on what the female nude photo means. A few of these are below.

  1. Jenny McCarthy. This blonde lass helped us get over the sordid ideas we had about posing nude in magazines like "Playboy". It seemed to go from a nasty business to a rite of passage. Jenny helped break the stigma associated with getting a million or two for baring it all. She looks like the quintessential girl next door, so she was perfect to cross this line first and welcome other women. Her iconic photo is in her "Playboy" shoot.
  2. Anna Nicole Smith. Anna broke the mold in this respect in a lot of different ways. She took what was a dirty business and made it an ambition. Her body has always had a few extra pounds but that was her style. Anna emulated Marilyn Monroe. Her goal was to be a lovely full figured woman. Marilyn was not skinny, she was voluptuous. So was Anna Nicole. Her iconic photo is in her "Playboy" shoot. The most interesting thing about her shots was that she didn’t have to do them. She already had money. She posed nude because she wanted to.
  3. Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon. Garcelle is an interesting model. She is a legitimate model/actress who didn’t have to pose nude for money. She did it also because she wanted to. Garcelle was an accomplished beauty and a woman with classical good looks. She too probably took it as a rite of passage. Her "Playboy" shots will define her for the rest of her life.
  4. WWE Wrestler Chyna. This is the highest level of unusual on the list. Many people wanted to see what this wrestler could produce in terms of readership when she posed. Her issue exploded "Playboy" sales. Many curious men wanted to see if something was defective down there. Nothing was and the artistry of the shots made it respectful and feminine. This was probably the best series of female nude photos that "Playboy" had produced in years. The type of material produced was masterful in its approach, and flawless in its implementation. Chyna's iconic shot is on the cover of "Playboy" when she posed. It is a classic frontal shot with arms up. No one who saw it will ever forget it.
  5. Vanessa Williams. These are the ultimate nude pictures. They brought down Miss America. They also launched one of the most successful careers in Hollywood. They made Hugh Heifner a bundle and made her an American Icon. This is a seemingly forgotten fact, but Miss America caught posing nude or saying something inappropriate becomes a national sensation overnight. Her classic photo is one in which she is deep-kissing another woman face-to-face.

These are some ground-breaking samples of the female nude photo, these show how nude photos evolved from disgusting pornography to accepted artistry. "Playboy" was right there in front leading the charge for change. Hats off to "Playboy".

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