The Female Orgasm Explained

With the female orgasm explained, you’ll have reached the final frontier of sexual knowledge. The female orgasm is an intense and erotic experience for any woman that’s lucky enough to have one. This is a very complex subject. Men are left bewildered when it comes to understanding what make women reach the highest peak in sexual fulfillment; and orgasm. This should make things a bit clearer what a man needs to do to send his woman to ecstasy. Where she no longer has to fake an orgasmic orgasm and you will be able to tell if she is.

What is needed for female orgasm:

  • Patience
  • Passion
  • Variety of stimulation
  • Intercourse
  1. Signs she has reached or near her climax and is having an orgasm. You may not notice this, but her pupils may actually get dilated. Muscles start to contract like she having some type of spasm, she starts to tenses up, and toes may curl. You may hear sounds from her like you have never heard before. Eyes may buck-out of her head with a peculiar look on her face, breathing intensifies, and body starts to twitch. She puts a vice grip hold on you and want let go. Then she releases her hold on you and her body relaxes; you should have a big smile on your face. Because you better believe she had and a cosmic orgasm.
  2. Foreplay is necessary for her to reach the point of an orgasm. “Wam bam thank you mam” may be enjoyable, but it usually doesn’t get her to the point of having an orgasm; teasing, pleasing and squeezing drives a woman wild. Women love hugging and passionate kissing doing love making. Run your tongue down her back and watch her squirm, nipple on her neck and listen to her moan, run your hand up the inside of her thigh, squeeze her firm little fanny and give it a little tap. This is the types of excitement that gets her closer to having an orgasm.
  3. Manual stimulation of the female’s clitoris through oral copulation, fingers or sex toys to give her and orgasm. The use of the tongue to flick and lick the clitoris is very gratifying and for those that may not know where the clitoris is located and what it looks like. It’s above the vagina lips and it looks like a mini penis to put it bluntly. The clitoris has a lot of nerve endings just like the penis and if you take two wet fingers and use one to slide inside the vagina and the other finger or sex toy to stimulate the clitoris, throw in a little tongue action here and there she will begin to wiggle as that tension builds-up inside of her to the point where she feels like she is ready to explode; orgasm time.
  4. Having an orgasm doing intercourse is it possible? Yes it is, do a combination of things, not just a lot of bumping and grinding. Don’t get me wrong that’s great! You have to know what she likes and what really turns her on, you can stimulate the clitoris while you are penetrating her, does she like it hard fast or slow; change position try to be creative. Tease her make her beg for it that will make her desire it even more.

When it comes to the female orgasm it’s almost like opening up “Pandora’s Box”; confusing and very elusive it may not come as easy as a man’s when they ejaculate, but with the right attitude, passion and techniques you will learn the secret to unlocking the code to making a woman have and earth shattering orgasm.

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