Female Pheromones

Female pheromones, as well as male pheromones, are odorless and invisible chemicals produced in the body that are excreted mainly through glands in the armpits and the genital area. These chemicals are noted to be sexual attractants to the opposite sex though they may be best known to relax and make the other person feel more comfortable around the person emitting the pheromones.

Copulin is the main female pheromone. Copulin, when released into the air surrounding a female, will cause a spike in testosterone in men. This testosterone increase may increase a man's sexual attraction toward the woman. Natural levels of copulin may be reduced by hormonal changes.

Andostrenol is a secondary female pheromone that is easily eliminated with the use of toiletry products such as soaps, deodorants and anti-perspirants.

Because of the use of toiletries and hormonal changes due to health issues, menopause and oral birth control preparations, modern women may emit far less pheromones than women of the past.  For this reason, synthetic pheromones have been developed for women to apply topically in the form of sprays or roll on preparations. Many such products combine female pheromones with essential oils or perfumes or they may be purchased in unscented varieties.

Female pheromones are available in adult book and toy stores, some retail establishments or online. The price range varies as does the quality of the product so the consumer may be well served to do their homework before making a purchase.

The aging process desensitizes the sense of smell which may make female pheromones more difficult to detect.

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