Female Singers

These gentle whisperers and vocal powerhouses share the common thread of residing in the 10 best female singers. The voice is an instrument that can repel as well as attract people. The truly great singers can change your emotions at their whim so enjoy the mood altering abilities of these talented women:

  1. Aretha Franklin: Aretha is all heart and soul and she sings from both places with a power that can only be adored. With a voice so powerful it seems to always swell, never quite reaching an apex, she takes the world by storm and leaves nothing but converts to her singing. There is such beauty in Aretha's voice that she is the epitome of female singers.
  2. Judy Henske: A fire changes what it touches and Henske burns the landscape until it's more than it ever was. Her voice conveys sultriness and playfulness, which is a blend that normally skews one way or the other but here it's a perfect even mixture. A true classic among female singers and deserving of multiple listens.
  3. Adele Adkins: From the first note to the last, Adele takes her emotions and lays them out like tremors as it builds towards earth shaking force. A voice that seems too big to be held within one person. Her vocals are a true force of nature both lush and sparse, destructive and life giving.
  4. Alicia Keys: Keys sings and everyone wants her to never stop, for each note to last a lifetime. Power combined with a soul that seems so old it's ageless; her voice brings new life as it examines life itself. The world waits for each year to pass as it ages the mind behind the voice like the finest of scotches.
  5. Imogen Heap:  A voice that envelops the listener. Imogen Heap can layer her voice over and over until she is her own chorus or use it singularly, either way she brings intimacy to the listener. Almost hypnotic, this voice hits like constant waves that will eventually bring the audience into the deep ocean of her siren's call.
  6. Billie Holiday: With a voice that mingles then dances with the song, Billie Holiday delivers reverent and irreverent notes. Clarity of voice with dashes of her own personal tempo, Holiday transports you to her time. An open invitation to the dance reverberates within every song she touches. She builds a sturdy future for the female singers to come.
  7. Skin: Ricocheting like a ever tumbling bullet, Skin can hit the high notes in frantic compulsion but she's more than just that. She has an ability to caress the quiet moments in songs either keeping them soft or hiding a potential for melodic tremors. A vocalist that never hides her soul in any of her music she is one of the great female singers.
  8. Annie Lennox: Lennox takes you outside of yourself. As if watching the world around you in the third person perspective, her voice raises you up while giving you a new view on life. Joys and sorrows get equal endowments as her voice treats them personally, catapulting her into the realm of tremendous female singers.
  9. Ninette Terhart: Being the front woman for the now defunct "Powder", Ninette unleashes tenderness and gently grows fury. Her voice makes you want to sing with her, whether a ballad or a full-blown rock song and that makes her a female singer beyond compare. With vocals that showcase how powerful female singers need not restrict themselves to any genre, Ninette stands in raw defiance to stereotypes.
  10. Cristina Scabbia: With long notes that are horizon bound, Scabbia drives her voice through the music. Subtle notes hit like punches and send you onto your back as you try to regain your feet. An angelic voice clad within trappings of rock music.
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