Fetish Definition

There is a wide range of fetish definitions. Fetishes are a form of a disorder called paraphilia, which is classified by recurring and intense sexually arousing fantasies that generally involve the suffering of oneself or one's partner, children or other non-consenting people, or non-human objects. The essential part of a fetish is the recurring arousal centered around specific objects. While there is no limit as to what the object of the fetish could be, in order for it to be defined as a "fetish" then t must be connected to sexual gratification. For some people, the object of their fetish is required in order to achieve any form of sexual arousal. And for others, the object of their fetish may only be needed to become aroused when stressed.

 Most objects of a fetish are objects or a body part. Fetishes with objects are usually clothing, stuffed animals, or other non-sexual objects. Body fetishes usually center around body parts such as genitals, buttocks, breasts, legs and feet.

There isn't yet a known reason why some people develop a fetish and others do not. Fetish development can be caused by sexual abuse, among other environmental factors. There hasn't yet been any conclusive research to determine whether or not fetishes are a genetic factor.

In addition to there not being any conclusive evidence as to why a fetish may develop, there also is not any known "cure" for a fetish. Shock treatments used to be popular, but they proved to be ineffective. There has been limited success with orgasmic reorientation, which is a form of sexual therapy. Since most people with a fetish can gratify their urges in "culturally appropriate" situations, the need for therapy is minimal.

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